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TrafficSource Class Reference

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List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void addTag (Animation *)
void attachTo (Agent *agent)
const BBoxbbox ()
void change_color (char *color)
virtual int classid () const
void color (const char *name)
void deleteTag (Animation *)
void detach ()
virtual double distance (double x, double y) const
virtual float distance (float x, float y) const
virtual void draw (View *view, double now)
virtual const char * getedst () const
virtual const char * getesrc () const
virtual const char * getfid () const
AnimationgetLastTag ()
const char * getname () const
virtual const char * getProperties (const char *type)
AnimationgetTag (int i) const
virtual const char * gettype () const
double height () const
int id () const
const char * info () const
void insert (Animation **)
int inside (double, float, float) const
virtual int inside (float px, float py) const
int isTagged () const
void label (const char *name)
void maxcwnd (int size)
void merge (BBox &b)
virtual void monitor (Monitor *m, double now, char *result, int len)
virtual MonStatemonitor_state (void)
virtual void move (EditView *editview, float x_displacement, float y_displacement)
const char * name () const
TrafficSourcenext () const
void next (TrafficSource *ts)
int number ()
int numTag () const
int paint () const
void paint (int id)
void place ()
Animation ** prev () const
const char * property ()
void remove_monitor ()
void removeFromAgent ()
virtual void reset (double)
int saveAsEnam (FILE *file)
void setBurstTime (int burst_time)
void setHeight (double h)
void setIdleTime (int idle_time)
void setInterval (float interval)
void setMaxpkts (int maxpkts)
void setRate (int rate)
void setShape (double shape)
void setWidth (double w)
virtual void size (double s)
double size () const
StateInfo stateInfo ()
double stopAt ()
void toggle_color ()
void tracevar (const char *var)
 TrafficSource (const char *type, int id, double _size)
 TrafficSource (const char *name, double _size)
int type () const
virtual void update (double now)
virtual void update_bb ()
double width () const
void window (int size)
void windowInit (int size)
int writeNsActionScript (FILE *file)
int writeNsDefinitionScript (FILE *file)
double x () const
double y () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Animationfind (unsigned int id)

Public Attributes

float interval_
int number_
int packet_size_
TimeList timelist

Static Public Attributes

static Tcl_HashTable * AniHash_ = 0
static unsigned int LASTID_ = 0
static unsigned int nAniHash_ = 0

Protected Member Functions

void drawlabel (View *view) const

Protected Attributes

int anchor_
double angle_
int aType_
BBox bb_
int burst_time_
char * color_
double height_
unsigned int id_
int idle_time_
char * label_
int maxcwnd_
int maxpkts_
int nTag_
int oldPaint_
int paint_
Animation ** prev_
int rate_
double shape_
StateInfo si_
double size_
Animation ** tags_
double width_
int window_
int windowInit_
double x_
double y_

Private Member Functions

void placeNextTo (TrafficSource *neighbor)
void placeOnAgent ()
void setDefaults ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 79 of file trafficsource.h.

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