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PSView Member List

This is the complete list of members for PSView, including all inherited members.
aspect_ (defined in View)View [protected]
background_ (defined in View)View [protected]
bClip_ (defined in View)View [protected]
BoundingBox(BBox &bb) (defined in PSView)PSView [inline, virtual]
boxedString(const char *text, double world_x, double world_y, double vertical_size, int paint, const char *color=NULL) (defined in View)View
canvas_clip_ (defined in View)View [protected]
circle(float x, float y, float r, int color) (defined in PSView)PSView [virtual]
clearClipRect() (defined in View)View
clip_ (defined in View)View [protected]
command(ClientData, Tcl_Interp *, int argc, char **argv) (defined in PSView)PSView [static]
command(ClientData, Tcl_Interp *, int argc, CONST84 char **argv) (defined in View)View [static]
default_font_ (defined in View)View [protected]
destroy() (defined in View)View [inline]
draw() (defined in PSView)PSView [virtual]
file_ (defined in PSView)PSView [protected]
fill(const float *x, const float *y, int n, int color) (defined in PSView)PSView [virtual]
font_gc_ (defined in View)View [protected]
fonts_ (defined in View)View [protected]
free_fonts() (defined in View)View [protected]
getCoord(char *xs, char *ys, float &x, float &y) (defined in View)View
getStringHeight(char *text) (defined in View)View
getStringScreenWidth(const char *text, int screen_height) (defined in View)View
getStringWidth(const char *text, double height) (defined in View)View
getWorldBox(BBox &world_boundary) (defined in PSView)PSView [virtual]
handle(ClientData, XEvent *) (defined in View)View [static]
height() (defined in PSView)PSView [inline]
height_ (defined in View)View [protected]
imap(float &tx, float &ty) const (defined in View)View [inline]
line(float x0, float y0, float x1, float y1, int color) (defined in PSView)PSView [virtual]
load_fonts() (defined in PSView)PSView [inline, protected]
lookup_font(int d) (defined in View)View [protected]
magnification_ (defined in View)View [protected]
map(float &x, float &y) const (defined in View)View [inline]
matrix_ (defined in View)View [protected]
model_ (defined in PSView)PSView [protected]
name_ (defined in PSView)PSView [protected]
next_ (defined in PSView)PSView
nfont_ (defined in View)View [protected]
offscreen_ (defined in View)View [protected]
pan(float x, float y) (defined in PSView)PSView [protected]
panx_ (defined in View)View [protected]
pany_ (defined in View)View [protected]
pixelsPerMM_ (defined in View)View [protected]
polygon(const float *x, const float *y, int n, int color) (defined in PSView)PSView [virtual]
PSView(const char *name, NetModel *m) (defined in PSView)PSView
rect(float x0, float y0, float x1, float y1, int color) (defined in PSView)PSView [virtual]
redrawModel() (defined in PSView)PSView [inline]
render() (defined in PSView)PSView [inline, virtual]
render(BBox &) (defined in View)View [inline, virtual]
resize(int width, int height) (defined in PSView)PSView [protected]
scale_ (defined in PSView)PSView [protected]
setClipRect(BBox &) (defined in View)View
setFunction(int) (defined in View)View
string(float fx, float fy, float dim, const char *s, int anchor, const char *color=NULL) (defined in PSView)PSView [virtual]
string(const char *text, double world_x, double world_y, double size, const char *color=NULL) (defined in View)View
tk() (defined in View)View [inline]
tk_ (defined in View)View [protected]
View(const char *name, int aspect, int width, int height) (defined in View)View
width() (defined in PSView)PSView [inline]
width_ (defined in View)View [protected]
xscroll_ (defined in View)View [protected]
yscroll_ (defined in View)View [protected]
zoom(float mag) (defined in PSView)PSView [protected]
~View() (defined in View)View [virtual]

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