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NetModel Class Reference

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struct  EdgeHashNode

Public Member Functions

void add_drop (const TraceEvent &, double now, int direction)
int add_monitor (Animation *a)
int add_tag (Tag *tag)
EdgeaddEdge (int argc, const char *const *argv)
EdgeaddEdge (int src_id, int dst_id, const TraceEvent &e)
NodeaddNode (const TraceEvent &e)
void addView (NetView *)
virtual void BoundingBox (BBox &)
void check_monitors (Animation *a)
void color_subtrees ()
void delete_monitor (int monnum)
void delete_monitor (Animation *a)
void delete_monitor (Monitor *m)
void delete_tag (const char *tn)
int deleteTagCmd (char *tagName, char *tagDel)
AnimationfindClosest (float dx, float dy, double halo)
void handle (const TraceEvent &, double now, int direction)
void hideAgentLinks ()
Animationinside (float px, float py) const
EdgelookupEdge (int source, int destination) const
NodelookupNode (int nn) const
TaglookupTag (const char *tn)
int monitor (double now, int monitor, char *result, int len)
virtual void moveNode (Node *n)
NetworkAnimatornam ()
 NetModel (const char *animator)
PacketnewPacket (PacketAttr &pkt, Edge *e, double time)
double now ()
virtual void placeAgent (Agent *a, Node *src) const
virtual void recalc ()
virtual void relayout ()
void remove_view (View *v)
void render (PSView *)
void render (TestView *)
void render (View *)
virtual void render (EditView *, BBox &bb)
void reset (double)
int save_layout (const char *filename)
void selectPkt (int, int, int)
void set_wireless ()
int tagArea (BBox &bb, Tag *tag, int bEnclosed)
int tagCmd (View *v, int argc, char **argv, char *newTag, char *cmdName)
void tagObject (Tag *tag, Animation *)
virtual void update (double)
void update (double, Animation *)

Protected Member Functions

int add_group (Group *grp)
int addAddress (int id, int addr) const
int addr2id (int addr) const
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
int ehash (int src, int dst) const
void enterEdge (Edge *e)
AgentlookupAgent (int id) const
EdgeHashNodelookupEdgeHashNode (int source, int destination) const
GrouplookupGroup (unsigned int addr)
LanlookupLan (int nn) const
int lookupObjname (const char *)
PacketlookupPacket (int src, int dst, int id) const
AnimationlookupTagOrID (const char *)
void move (double &x, double &y, double angle, double d) const
virtual void placeEdge (Edge *e, Node *src) const
void placeEdgeByAngle (Edge *e, Node *src) const
virtual void placeEverything ()
int registerObjName (const char *, int)
virtual void relayoutNode (Node *n)
void removeEdge (Edge *e)
void removeNode (Node *n)
void saveState (double)
virtual void scale_estimate ()
int traverseNodeConnections (Node *n)

Protected Attributes

Tcl_HashTable * addrHash_
int colorDst_
int colorFid_
int colorSrc_
char colorTraffic_ [PTYPELEN]
Tcl_HashTable * grpHash_
EdgeHashNodehashtab_ [EDGE_HASH_SIZE]
int hideDst_
int hideFid_
int hideSrc_
char hideTraffic_ [PTYPELEN]
int mon_count_
int nclass_
int nGroup_
double node_size_
double node_sizefac_
double now_
int nTag_
double nymax_
double nymin_
Tcl_HashTable * objnameHash_
int * oldpaint_
double packet_size_
int * paint_
int paintMask_
int resetf_
int selectedColor_
int selectedDst_
int selectedFid_
int selectedSrc_
char selectedTraffic_ [PTYPELEN]
int showData_
int showMac_
int showRouting_
Tcl_HashTable * tagHash_
int wireless_
double wirelessNodeSize_

Private Attributes

double bcast_duration_
double bcast_radius_
ParseTable parsetable_
TraceEvent traceevent_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file netmodel.h.

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