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EditorNetModel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void add_drop (const TraceEvent &, double now, int direction)
int add_monitor (Animation *a)
int add_tag (Tag *tag)
int addAgent (Agent *agent, Node *node)
int addAgent (Node *src, const char *agent_type, float cx, float cy)
int addAgentLink (int source_id, int destination_id)
int addAgentLink (Agent *, Agent *)
EdgeaddEdge (int argc, const char *const *argv)
EdgeaddEdge (int src_id, int dst_id, const TraceEvent &e)
EdgeaddEdge (Edge *edge)
int addLink (Node *, Node *)
int addLink (int source_id, int destination_id)
int addLossModel (LossModel *loss_model, Edge *edge)
int addLossModel (Edge *edge, const char *type, double cx, double cy)
NodeaddNode (int node_id)
NodeaddNode (const TraceEvent &e)
NodeaddNode (Node *node)
int addNode (float cx, float cy)
QueueHandleaddQueueHandle (Edge *edge)
QueueHandleaddQueueHandle (Edge *edge, const char *type)
int addTrafficSource (Agent *agent, const char *type, float cx, float cy)
int addTrafficSource (TrafficSource *traffic_source, Agent *agent)
void addView (NetView *)
void BoundingBox (BBox &)
void check_monitors (Animation *a)
bool checkAgentCompatibility (agent_type source, agent_type dest)
bool checkAgentCompatibility (const char *source, const char *dest)
bool checkAgentTrafficSourceCompatibility (agent_type agent, trafgen_type source)
bool checkAgentTrafficSourceCompatibility (const char *agent, const char *source)
agent_type classifyAgent (const char *agent)
trafgen_type classifyTrafficSource (const char *source)
void color_subtrees ()
void delete_monitor (Monitor *m)
void delete_monitor (Animation *a)
void delete_monitor (int monnum)
void delete_tag (const char *tn)
int deleteTagCmd (char *tagName, char *tagDel)
 EditorNetModel (const char *animator)
AnimationfindClosest (float dx, float dy, double halo)
void handle (const TraceEvent &, double now, int direction)
void hideAgentLinks ()
Animationinside (float px, float py) const
void layout ()
EdgelookupEdge (int source, int destination) const
LossModellookupLossModel (int id)
NodelookupNode (int nn) const
TaglookupTag (const char *tn)
TrafficSourcelookupTrafficSource (int id)
int monitor (double now, int monitor, char *result, int len)
virtual void moveNode (Node *n)
NetworkAnimatornam ()
PacketnewPacket (PacketAttr &pkt, Edge *e, double time)
double now ()
virtual void placeAgent (Agent *a, Node *src) const
virtual void recalc ()
virtual void relayout ()
void remove_view (View *v)
void removeAgent (Agent *a)
void removeLink (Edge *)
void removeLossModel (LossModel *lossmodel)
void removeNode (Node *)
void removeTrafficSource (TrafficSource *ts)
virtual void render (EditView *, BBox &bb)
void render (PSView *)
void render (TestView *)
void render (View *)
void reset (double)
int save_layout (const char *filename)
void selectPkt (int, int, int)
void set_wireless ()
void setAgentProperty (int id, const char *value, const char *variable)
void setLinkProperty (int source_id, int destination_id, const char *value, const char *variable)
void setLossModelProperty (int id, const char *value, const char *variable)
void setNodeProperty (int id, const char *value, const char *variable)
void setQueueHandleProperty (int source_id, int destination_id, const char *value, const char *variable)
void setTrafficSourceProperty (int id, const char *value, const char *variable)
int tagArea (BBox &bb, Tag *tag, int bEnclosed)
int tagCmd (View *v, int argc, char **argv, char *newTag, char *cmdName)
void tagObject (Tag *tag, Animation *)
virtual void update (double)
void update (double, Animation *)
EditorNetModelwobj ()
int writeNsScript (FILE *file, const char *filename, const char *filename_root)

Protected Member Functions

int add_group (Group *grp)
int addAddress (int id, int addr) const
int addr2id (int addr) const
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
int ehash (int src, int dst) const
void enterEdge (Edge *e)
AgentlookupAgent (int id) const
EdgeHashNodelookupEdgeHashNode (int source, int destination) const
GrouplookupGroup (unsigned int addr)
LanlookupLan (int nn) const
int lookupObjname (const char *)
PacketlookupPacket (int src, int dst, int id) const
AnimationlookupTagOrID (const char *)
void move (double &x, double &y, double angle, double d) const
virtual void placeEdge (Edge *e, Node *src) const
void placeEdgeByAngle (Edge *e, Node *src) const
virtual void placeEverything ()
int registerObjName (const char *, int)
virtual void relayoutNode (Node *n)
void removeEdge (Edge *e)
void saveState (double)
virtual void scale_estimate ()
int traverseNodeConnections (Node *n)

Protected Attributes

Tcl_HashTable * addrHash_
int colorDst_
int colorFid_
int colorSrc_
char colorTraffic_ [PTYPELEN]
Tcl_HashTable * grpHash_
EdgeHashNodehashtab_ [EDGE_HASH_SIZE]
int hideDst_
int hideFid_
int hideSrc_
char hideTraffic_ [PTYPELEN]
int mon_count_
int nclass_
int nGroup_
double node_size_
double node_sizefac_
double now_
int nTag_
double nymax_
double nymin_
Tcl_HashTable * objnameHash_
int * oldpaint_
double packet_size_
int * paint_
int paintMask_
int resetf_
int selectedColor_
int selectedDst_
int selectedFid_
int selectedSrc_
char selectedTraffic_ [PTYPELEN]
int showData_
int showMac_
int showRouting_
Tcl_HashTable * tagHash_
int wireless_
double wirelessNodeSize_

Private Attributes

double maximum_simulation_time_
int node_id_count
double playback_speed_
double pxmax_
double pxmin_
double pymax_
double pymin_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 74 of file enetmodel.h.

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