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BoxNode Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for BoxNode:
Inheritance graph
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Collaboration graph

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void add_agent (Agent *)
void add_link (Edge *)
int add_mark (char *name, char *color, char *shape)
void add_route (Route *)
void add_sess_queue (unsigned int grp, Queue *q)
MovementElementaddMovementDestination (double world_x, double world_y, double time)
int addr () const
void addTag (Animation *)
Agentagents () const
int anchor () const
void anchor (int v)
double angle (Node &n) const
virtual void arrive_packet (Packet *, Edge *, double)
const BBoxbbox ()
 BoxNode (const char *name, double size)
void change_color (char *color)
virtual int classid () const
void clear_routes ()
void color (const char *color)
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void dcolor (const char *name)
void delete_agent (Agent *)
void delete_link (Edge *)
void delete_mark (char *name)
virtual void delete_packet (Packet *)
void delete_route (Route *)
void deleteTag (Animation *)
void detach ()
void direction (const char *name)
void displace (double dx, double dy)
virtual float distance (float x, float y) const
double distance (Node &n) const
void dlabel (const char *name)
virtual void draw (View *, double now)
double dx () const
double dy () const
Agentfind_agent (char *name) const
Edgefind_edge (int dst) const
NodeMarkfind_mark (char *name)
Routefind_route (Edge *e, int group, int pktsrc, int oif) const
virtual const char * getedst () const
virtual const char * getesrc () const
virtual const char * getfid () const
AnimationgetLastTag ()
double getMaximumX ()
double getMaximumY ()
int getMovementTimeList (char *buffer, int buffer_size)
const char * getname () const
virtual const char * getProperties (const char *type)
AnimationgetTag (int i) const
char * getTclScript ()
char * getTclScriptLabel ()
virtual const char * gettype () const
int id () const
const char * info () const
void init_color (const char *clr)
void insert (Animation **)
virtual int inside (double t, float px, float py) const
virtual int inside (float px, float py) const
int isdown () const
int isTagged () const
void label (const char *name, int anchor)
void lcolor (const char *name)
Edgelinks () const
void mark (int v)
int marked () const
void mass (int m)
int mass () const
void merge (BBox &b)
void monitor (Monitor *m, double now, char *result, int len)
virtual MonStatemonitor_state (void)
virtual void move (EditView *v, float dwx, float dwy)
const char * name () const
void ncolor (const char *name)
char * ncolor () const
Animationnext () const
int no_of_routes (Edge *e) const
float nsize () const
int num () const
int number () const
int numTag () const
void paint (int id)
int paint () const
virtual void place (double x, double y)
void place_all_routes ()
void place_route (Route *)
void placeorig (double x, double y)
Animation ** prev () const
const char * property ()
Queuequeue ()
void remove_monitor ()
void removeMovementDestination (double time)
virtual void reset (double)
int save (FILE *file)
void set_down (char *color)
void set_up ()
void setaddr (int addr)
void setend (double t)
void setstart (double t)
void setTclScript (const char *label, const char *script)
void setvelocity (double x, double y)
virtual void size (double s)
double size () const
StateInfo stateInfo ()
char * style ()
void toggle_color ()
int type () const
virtual void update (double now)
void updatePositionAt (double time)
int writeNsMovement (FILE *file)
int writeNsScript (FILE *file)
double x () const
virtual double x (Edge *) const
double y () const
virtual double y (Edge *) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Animationfind (unsigned int id)

Public Attributes

bool wireless_

Static Public Attributes

static Tcl_HashTable * AniHash_ = 0
static unsigned int LASTID_ = 0
static unsigned int nAniHash_ = 0

Protected Member Functions

void draw_mark (View *) const
void drawlabel (View *) const
void update_bb ()

Protected Attributes

int addr_
int anchor_
int aType_
BBox bb_
char * dcolor_
int direction_
char * dlabel_
double dx_
double dy_
double endtime_
unsigned int id_
char * label_
char * lcolor_
int mark_
int mass_
MovementList movement_list
char * ncolor_
int nMark_
int nn_
float nsize_
int nTag_
int oldPaint_
int paint_
Animation ** prev_
StateInfo si_
double size_
double starttime_
int state_
Animation ** tags_
char * tcl_script_
char * tcl_script_label_
double x_
double x_vel_
double xorig_
double y_
double y_vel_
double yorig_

Private Attributes

float x0_
float x1_
float y0_
float y1_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 274 of file node.h.

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