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 * Network model with automatic layout
 * $Header: /cvsroot/nsnam/nam-1/anetmodel.h,v 1.12 2000/11/12 23:19:39 mehringe Exp $

#ifndef nam_anetmodel_h
#define nam_anetmodel_h

#include "netmodel.h"

class AutoNetModel : public NetModel {
      AutoNetModel(const char *animator);
      virtual ~AutoNetModel();

      static int RANDOM_SEED_;
      static int AUTO_ITERATIONS_;
      static int INCR_ITERATIONS_;
      static int recalc_;
      static double INIT_TEMP_; // follow Elan's 
      static double MINX_; 
      static double MAXX_;
      static double MINY_;
      static double MAXY_;
      static double min(double a, double b) {
            return (a < b) ? a : b;
      static double max(double a, double b) {
            return (a > b) ? a : b;

      void handle(const TraceEvent& e, double now, int direction);
      virtual void recalc() {
      //virtual void moveNode(Node *n);

  void relayoutNode(Node * v);

      void reset_layout();
      void layout();
      void relayout();
      virtual void embed_phase1();
      virtual void embed_phase2();
      virtual void embed_phase1(Node * v);
      virtual void embed_phase2(Node * v);
      virtual void scale_estimate();
      virtual void placeEverything();
      void placeAllAgents(Node *src) const;
        void weigh_subtrees();
        void place_subtrees();
        void bifucate_graph();
        int mark_to_depth(Node *n, int depth);

      // attractive and repulsive forces
      double ATT (double d, double k) { return d * d / k; }
      double ATT2 (double d, double k) { return d * d * d / k; }
      double REP (double d, double k) { return k * k / d; }
      void cool();
      void initEmbedding();
      // we need our own 'cmd layout'
      int command(int argc, const char*const* argv); 

      int iterations_;
      int nNodes_;
      double optk_;    // k used in computing att/rep forces
      double optka_;
      double optkr_;
      double temp_;
      double kc_;
      double kca_;
      double kcr_;

#endif // nam_anetmodel_h

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