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 * Network model with wireless net layout

#ifndef nam_wnetmodel_h
#define nam_wnetmodel_h

#include "netmodel.h"

// The ratio of node radius and mean edge length in the topology

00013 class WirelessNetModel : public NetModel {
      WirelessNetModel(const char *animator);
      virtual ~WirelessNetModel();

      void handle(const TraceEvent& e, double now, int direction);
      void removeLink(const TraceEvent& e);
      void removeLink(int src, int dst );
      void BoundingBox(BBox&);
      virtual void moveNode(Node *n);
      inline WirelessNetModel* wobj() { return wobj_; }
      virtual void update(double);
      void addToEdgePool(Edge*);
      Edge* removeFromEdgePool();

      void layout();
      virtual void placeEdge(Edge* e, Node* src) const;
      WirelessNetModel *wobj_;

      // we need our own 'cmd layout'
      int command(int argc, const char*const* argv); 

00037 struct WEdgeList {
       Edge* wEdge;
       WEdgeList* next;

      int nNodes_;
      double      pxmax_;
      double  pymax_;
        WEdgeList* edges_;

#endif // nam_wnetmodel_h

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