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RNG Class Reference

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

void advance_state (long e, long c)
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
double exponential ()
double exponential (double r)
void get_state (unsigned long seed[6]) const
void increased_precis (bool incp)
void init ()
double lognormal (double avg, double std)
long next ()
double next_double ()
double normal (double avg, double std)
double pareto (double scale, double shape)
double paretoII (double scale, double shape)
long rand_int (long i, long j)
double rand_u01 ()
int random ()
void reset_next_substream ()
void reset_start_stream ()
void reset_start_substream ()
 RNG (RNGSources source, int seed=1)
 RNG (long seed)
 RNG (const char *name="")
long seed ()
void set_antithetic (bool a)
void set_seed (RNGSources source, int seed=1)
void set_seed (long seed)
void set_seed (const unsigned long seed[6])
double uniform ()
double uniform (double a, double b)
int uniform (int k)
double uniform (double r)
double uniform_double ()
int uniform_positive_int ()
void write_state () const
void write_state_full () const

Static Public Member Functions

static RNGdefaultrng ()
static void set_package_seed (const unsigned long seed[6])

Protected Member Functions

double U01 ()
double U01d ()

Protected Attributes

bool anti_
double Bg_ [6]
double Cg_ [6]
double Ig_ [6]
bool inc_prec_
char name_ [100]

Static Protected Attributes

static RNGdefault_ = NULL
static double next_seed_ [6]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 98 of file rng.h.

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