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LossModel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addTag (Animation *)
void attachTo (Edge *edge)
const BBoxbbox ()
void change_color (char *color)
virtual int classid () const
void clearEdge ()
void color (const char *name)
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void deleteTag (Animation *)
void detach ()
virtual double distance (double x, double y) const
virtual float distance (float x, float y) const
virtual void draw (View *view, double now)
virtual const char * getedst () const
virtual const char * getesrc () const
virtual const char * getfid () const
AnimationgetLastTag ()
const char * getname () const
virtual const char * getProperties (const char *type)
AnimationgetTag (int i) const
virtual const char * gettype () const
double height () const
int id () const
const char * info () const
void insert (Animation **)
virtual int inside (float px, float py) const
int inside (double, float, float) const
int isTagged () const
void label (const char *name)
 LossModel (const char *name, double _size)
 LossModel (const char *type, int id, double _size)
void merge (BBox &b)
virtual void monitor (Monitor *m, double now, char *result, int len)
virtual MonStatemonitor_state (void)
virtual void move (EditView *editview, float x_displacement, float y_displacement)
const char * name () const
Animationnext () const
int number ()
int numTag () const
void paint (int id)
int paint () const
void place ()
Animation ** prev () const
const char * property ()
void remove_monitor ()
virtual void reset (double)
void setBurstLength (double burst_length)
void setHeight (double h)
void setLossUnit (const char *unit)
void setOffset (double offset)
void setPeriod (double period)
void setRate (double rate)
void setWidth (double w)
virtual void size (double s)
double size () const
StateInfo stateInfo ()
void toggle_color ()
int type () const
virtual void update (double now)
virtual void update_bb ()
double width () const
int writeNsDefinitionScript (FILE *file)
double x () const
double y () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Animationfind (unsigned int id)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

static Tcl_HashTable * AniHash_ = 0
static unsigned int LASTID_ = 0
static unsigned int nAniHash_ = 0

Protected Attributes

double angle_
int aType_
BBox bb_
double burstlen_
char * color_
double height_
unsigned int id_
char * label_
char * loss_unit_
int nTag_
int number_
double offset_
int oldPaint_
int paint_
double period_
Animation ** prev_
double rate_
StateInfo si_
double size_
Animation ** tags_
double width_
double x_
double y_

Private Member Functions

void setDefaults ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file lossmodel.h.

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