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GraphView Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void BoundingBox (BBox &bb)
void boxedString (const char *text, double world_x, double world_y, double vertical_size, int paint, const char *color=NULL)
virtual void circle (float x, float y, float r, int color)
void clearClipRect ()
void destroy ()
virtual void draw ()
virtual void fill (const float *x, const float *y, int n, int color)
int getCoord (char *xs, char *ys, float &x, float &y)
int getStringHeight (char *text)
int getStringScreenWidth (const char *text, int screen_height)
double getStringWidth (const char *text, double height)
virtual void getWorldBox (BBox &world_boundary)
 GraphView (const char *name, NetGraph *ng)
int height ()
void imap (float &tx, float &ty) const
virtual void line (float x0, float y0, float x1, float y1, int color)
void map (float &x, float &y) const
virtual void polygon (const float *x, const float *y, int n, int color)
virtual void rect (float x0, float y0, float x1, float y1, int color)
void redrawGraph ()
void redrawModel ()
virtual void render ()
virtual void render (BBox &)
void setClipRect (BBox &)
void setFunction (int)
int string (const char *text, double world_x, double world_y, double size, const char *color=NULL)
virtual void string (float fx, float fy, float dim, const char *s, int anchor, const char *color=NULL)
Tk_Window tk ()
int width ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int command (ClientData, Tcl_Interp *, int argc, CONST84 char **argv)
static void handle (ClientData, XEvent *)

Public Attributes


Protected Member Functions

void free_fonts ()
void load_fonts ()
int lookup_font (int d)
void pan (float x, float y)
void resize (int width, int height)
void zoom (float mag)

Protected Attributes

int aspect_
GC background_
int bClip_
BBox canvas_clip_
BBox clip_
int default_font_
GC font_gc_ [NFONT]
Tk_Font fonts_ [NFONT]
int height_
float magnification_
Transform matrix_
int nfont_
Drawable offscreen_
float panx_
float pany_
double pixelsPerMM_
Tk_Window tk_
int width_
char * xscroll_
char * yscroll_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file graphview.h.

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